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Why You Should Consider Access Control


While a traditional lock and key was the most effective solution in the past, today there are much more effective options that provide a more complete security solution, such as an Access Control System. With the appropriate security devices and alarm management software, which is integrated into a single security solution, this keyless solution can help you welcome guests, deter criminals, and make it easier for employees to enter and exit your building.


What is Access Control?

An Access Control System allows you to take control of who goes where and when throughout your facility. With keyless access, you can keep your doors locked and limit and track who can enter your building or even restrict access to specific rooms or areas.


Key Features of Access Control

  • Keyless: With fobs or cards, Access Control provides a touchless option that also allows you to track and manage who goes where and when. You can even review reports detailing the arrival and departure of each individual and which protected areas they entered.
  • Remote Management: An access control system not only provides added security, but it also enhances your facility management capabilities. With the Virtual Keypad App, you can manage your system anywhere, anytime, as long as you have an internet connection.
  • Lockdowns: In an emergency event, Access Control makes it easy to secure your entire building with a touch of a button.


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