Wellington Hosted Video

Not long ago, a customer’s store was burglarized after we installed a video surveillance system with a DVR (Digital Video Recorder). When the owner reviewed the video on his DVR he discovered someone had changed its settings and nothing was saved, including images that would have identified the thief.

But with hosted  video surveillance from Wellington, you won’t have any near misses. Your digital video will be safely preserved at a remote location, viewable by you anytime.

Here are six reasons why it makes a lot of business sense to have us host your video surveillance:

1Minimize your investment to cameras and an encoder.
2No more unreliable DVRs.
3Access your video from anywhere.
4Easily convert your analog video system to network cameras
5We keep your cameras and software running smoothly.
6Choose from a portfolio of cameras to meet your specific needs.



  • Wellington Hosted Video Surveillance
    Because you have a business to run

Ideal Solution for small businesses and large companies alike

Small business owners love the ease and convenience of cloud-based, or hosted, video surveillance. As an owner or manager, you’re focus is running your business, not worrying about your surveillance system.

Wellington hosted video

And Wellington hosted video surveillance is about as worry-free as possible. Our techs will install and configure your cameras and within a few hours you’ll be storing and saving video feeds on our servers. You’ll access the feed or recordings anytime from a computer, tablet or smartphone—iOS or Android.Wellington hosted video

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