Wellington Security at the DMP Executive Dealer Roundtable

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More than 60 participants representing 30+ dealers from 19 different states recently came together at the DMP Executive Dealer Roundtable in Savannah, Georgia.  Wellington Security President Gene Earhart and his wife, Ellen, attended the Roundtable and found it to be a highly engaging and educational event. Wellington has been a Digital Monitoring Products (DMP) dealer for the past 4 years and we really appreciate DMP’s product innovation, product quality and their approach to dealer partnerships.

The Dealer Roundtable featured a lineup of dealer and DMP speakers covering a wide variety of relevant industry topics, and it afforded participating dealers the opportunity to network and discuss ideas with other dealers in non-competing markets. This created a unique environment for Wellington to better understand what potential new opportunities we might have in our local market that we haven’t yet considered.


Gene had several key takeaways from the DMP event:

1) A greater appreciation for DMP’s approach to their dealer partners – Not only does DMP seem to stay on the leading edge of technology in the security industry, they value feedback and really listen to their dealers. DMP asked thoughtful questions of the dealers gathered in Savannah to better understand our product needs and challenges, and their attitude was one of a partner that listens and then helps to solve problems accordingly rather than that of a partner who simply states “this is what you should be selling.”

2) A positive reminder that techs can make or break the level of trust that customers have with their alarm companies – A key differentiator between good alarm companies and mediocre security system vendors is their attitude towards their techs. Good companies understand the value of their tech team and don’t overlook how much time the techs spend with customers, whereas mediocre companies view their techs as interchangeable. Wellington has a great team working in our main office and out in the field, but it is always good to be reminded that the most important people in the eyes of our customers are the techs that are working on their system install and maintenance. The techs are the face of the company, and it is very important to continue to equip the tech team with continuing education to stay current on technology and prepare for new innovation in the field. Wellington is very proud of our tech team and we believe that we have the best group of techs in our market.

Gene Earhart at DMP Roundtable

Gene also had the opportunity to present at the Dealer Roundtable as one of the featured speakers. The focus of his talk was on the positive impact that the Entrepreneurial Operating System (EOS) has had on Wellington Security in both gaining Traction and improving our financial bottom line.

Thank you to DMP for hosting a great event!

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