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Managing Security On the Go with the Virtual Keypad App

In addition to controlling lights, locks and thermostats here are some other ways our customers use the Virtual Keypad security app to make their life more convenient.

Enhanced Video Verification

Customers can launch the app directly from the Alarm Push Notification into a screen that has the video camera views available, which will allow video verification of an alarm. The user can simply respond to the, “Is This A False Alarm?” question displayed within that screen to help eliminate false alarms.

Door Access

Virtual Keypad gives users real-time access control allowing them to lock or unlock multiple doors.


Selecting Lockdown on your app will lock all public doors on the system with a single click.

Control Outputs

Our customers are increasingly integrating their control panel with other technology and systems via outputs. Each output can be programmed to appear as a button in the app. End users can control outputs such as watering systems, garage or overhead doors, and lighting by turning them on or off with a slide of a button.


Set up and manage user codes and schedules once for multiple panels. For facilities with multiple doors, this saves time.

Manage Credentials

This allows you to choose either User Code or Access Card all in one record. For example, John Smith may have multiple credentials (a card, user code, fob, and prox patch) all managed under his authority or profile. This credentialing hierarchy makes data entry faster and easier to manage. As a unique feature of Virtual Keypad, you can easily transfer data to multiple records.


Users can review system activity from the History tab. Messages include:
• Alarm Events
• Arm/Disarm or Open/Close Events
• Troubles
• Sensor Activity
Using Quick Search saves time when looking for a specific event. Enter a phrase, and it narrows the system activity.


Business owners appreciate the ability to manage their security from an app, whether they are in the office, at home, or on the road. They can easily access multiple business locations by choosing the desired system from the dropdown list.

For more information about how you can get the Virtual Keypad App, call Wellington Security Systems today.