Surveillance Systems and CCTV Trends in 2014

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Buyers of surveillance systems and CCTV equipment will find a wide range of security cameras to choose from in 2014. This may also be the best year to upgrade aging and antiquated equipment with surveillance systems that offer you better features with less cost. Wireless security cameras and the IP (Internet Protocol) camera are leading the pack in this area.

Below, I’ve highlighted some of the trends we’ll be sharing with our customers during the year.

Sales for HD (high definition) surveillance cameras and IP cameras will surpass analog this year
Wellington Security Systems–IP security camera

Bosch Flexidome IP outdoor camera.

  • 2014 will be the first year IP camera growth exceeds analog.
  • IP cameras generally cost more than analog cameras, but they usually include more advanced features and offer higher resolutions. While the component costs of both technologies are coming down, there is more product competition with analog devices because Asia is mass-producing cheap alternatives, which drives down prices.
  • Analog sales are flat, while IP sales are growing by more than 20 percent. More customers and buyers are asking for the new technology from integrators like us.
  • Surveillance systems and CCTV used to be differentiated on quality and features, but with cheap analog devices now being sold at your local big-box retailer, some buyers are looking for equipment just good enough to meet their basic needs. Be wary of these quick-fix solutions, however, they may cost you much more in the long run with unreliable or faulty equipment.
960H resolution analog cameras and DVRs
  • While the market is moving to network or IP systems, analog is not going away. Improvements are still being made to this ubiquitous and resilient technology.
Bosch analog 960H camera.

Bosch analog 960H camera.

Remote accessibility via mobile devices or browsers

boschiphonesMore and more, commercial and residential users want the freedom to check on their systems wherever they are. With smartphones and tablet devices everywhere, people are used to having their essential tools at their fingertips; their CCTV and surveillance systems are no exception.

User interfaces for viewing, searching, analyzing and storing video are also becoming more user friendly—with this trend continuing.

Video Analytics

Video analytics will become more and more popular as surveillance system operators look to capitalize on their investment. These tools, for instance, allow a retail store to track how long people stand near a product display, or be alerted if someone is loitering near an ATM to prey on unsuspecting customers. See a demonstration video


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