Security systems for businesses and homes in Minneapolis

Gene Earhart, president Wellington Security Systems

Gene Earhart, Principal and President

Like most Minnesotans, being boastful is not in our nature. So we’ll let our customers do the talking for us.

Our customers constantly use adjectives like “honest, responsive and respectful” when describing their experiences with our team members. In fact, they know us by our names.

  • “Wellington Security Systems is a pleasure to work with. Their people are responsive, respectful and honest.”
  • “Their techs, especially Scott, are great at what they do and really understand our systems.”
  • “Tim makes sure he has a tech on site whenever I need them.”
  • “Mike Wood is especially helpful when we need to troubleshoot problems that may or may not be directly related to the systems they maintain.”
  • “Their locally operated office and call center provides staffing that understands our city, our buildings and the area we serve.”
  • “Everybody at Wellington Security is great and gets it.”

Wellington Security designs, installs and services security systems for businesses and homes in Minneapolis.

No Long Term Contracts

Mike Eldredge, Wellington Security Systems

Mike Eldredge, Installation/Service Manager

There are a lot of alarm companies eager to take your money and install a product. At Wellington Security Systems, the real work doesn’t start until your system goes in. That’s why we say the difference is in our service. We’re here for the long haul, but ironically, we don’t force you into a long-term contract like all the other guys. We want our customers to have the flexibility and freedom to make any changes they want, even if it means switching to another company. But, more than 90 percent do not!


To your family from ours

We’re a family-owned business and have been for 30 years. Minnesota is our home and that’s another reason people like to work with us. Our technical service team and our call center are here. No massive call centers in California or other parts of the world.

Bill Roesner, Wellington Security Systems Principal

Bill Rosener, Principal and Vice President

When you call, chances are Amanda, Tim, Mike, Ellen, or Gene, our president, will pick up the phone. Ralph, our dog, doesn’t answer the phone.

And that’s true if you’re a property manager, home or business owner.

We’re here 24 x 7 at (612) 822-4094.