Security and Fire Systems for commercial buildings

Security and fire systems for commercial buildings often have unique challenges. Many commercial structures have multi-purpose spaces like retail, office, residential and parking facilities. Wellington Security systems for commercial buildings

Our engineering and installation teams work with you to design a system that meet the needs of all these sometimes competing elements. But our full suite of available hardware from Bosch and DMP can be combined to meet the needs of the most complex projects.

After your systems are installed, we’ll visit often to make sure we’re delivering what we promised.

Twin Cities’ property management companies

We work with or have worked with most of the property management firms in the Twin Cities. Here’s a sample list of companies:

Confidence from inspection and testing

With our inspection and testing program you can be assured your system will provide the protection your building needs and your tenants expect. Wellington’s inspection service is scheduled to comply with local regulations and covers all control equipment, pull stations, smoke detectors, horns, and sprinkler monitoring devices.

Replace phone lines with advanced radio and cellular technology

fire transceiver AESMany commercial building owners and managers are taking advantage of developments in radio and cellular technology to save a lot of money while replacing antiquated and slow copper phone lines. We offer a wide array of systems plus the experience and knowledge to update all your commercial properties.

Parking lots to maintain?Install Wellington snow-cams to check on parking lots

If your buildings have parking lots to maintain, we have an IP battery-operated camera that will save you time and work. Install one of our inexpensive “snow-cams” and you’ll always know if your parking lots need plowing without you driving over to your buildings to find out. snowplowcam

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