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The Essential Guide for Facility Managers in the Twin Cities: Preventing Propped Doors in Commercial Buildings


Facility managers, the unsung heroes of commercial buildings, are tasked with the duty of ensuring that every inch of a facility functions optimally. In the vibrant hustle and bustle of the Twin Cities Metro Area, one concern that remains persistent for facility managers is the seemingly benign act of propping open doors. However, this simple act can have far-reaching consequences, from compromising security to increasing energy costs.

If you’re a facility manager in the Twin Cities striving for top-notch building security and efficiency, here are some crucial pointers to prevent propped doors:

  1. Educate the Building Occupants: As a starting point, hold building safety seminars for existing employees and include a building safety component in your new employee onboarding process. Make sure all employees are aware that a simple act can lead to unauthorized access, theft, or even a breach of fire safety norms.
  2. Prominent Signage: Consider door signs. A message like, “Keep Closed for Safety” can serve as a gentle, yet effective, reminder.
  3. Sound the Alarm: Literally! Install door prop alarms that go off if a door remains open beyond a specific time. It’s an immediate deterrent that’ll make anyone think twice before using that doorstop.
  4. The Power of Surveillance: In the era of smart buildings, installing security cameras at entryways not only boosts security but also emphasizes the importance of keeping doors shut.
  5. Upgrade Your Doors: Think about introducing self-closing mechanisms or magnetic hold-open devices. In areas of high foot traffic, these devices can prove invaluable.
  6. Introduce a Layered Access Control System: A key card or code system can ensure that doors are used responsibly and enhance the security of your building. Such systems also give you the ability to set schedules for locking and unlocking doors and can help to identify who goes where and when within your buildings.
  7. Regular Checks: The frigid Minnesota winters can pose their own door concerns. Regular maintenance checks ensure they function optimally all year round. Be sure to check doors, especially overhead warehouse doors, for ice buildup which prevents them from closing properly.
  8. Establish a Feedback Channel: Create an avenue for building occupants to voice their concerns or report instances of propped doors. The more eyes you have, the better.

The role of maintaining the sanctity and functionality of your building is unparalleled. By tackling the persistent issue of propped doors, you’re taking one more step towards creating a safer, more efficient space for all.

Remember, it’s not just about implementing measures but cultivating a culture of shared responsibility and safety. Let’s work together to ensure our commercial spaces remain secure and energy efficient.