Managed Access Control

Here are six reasons why it makes a lot of business sense to have us manage your company’s access control.

1Eliminates dedicated IT and security systems support—resulting in savings.
2Eliminates investing in expensive hardware and software.
3We handle all hardware, software and firmware updates.
4We keep your access systems backed up off-site and in the cloud.
5We can add, delete and modify employee access around-the-clock.
6Finally, you’ll have more peace-of-mind knowing your facility’s access is managed by pros.


Wellington Security Systems Managed Access Control

Managed access control allows your employees to access rooms via proximity devices like key fobs, ID cards or removable sensors affixed to cell phones or smartphones.

  • Catastrophic Data Loss
    One reason why managed access control makes sense.

Health Care Organization Loses
Employee Access Data

A large health care facility needed to control access to dozens of doors and rooms in multiple buildings. Due to HIPPA regulations and data privacy concerns, staff members only had access to specific areas.

The organization’s PC-based system for managing the access of hundreds of combinations of doors and employees crashed without warning. Staff were locked out of rooms and the severity of the incident was magnified when the organization realized it didn’t have an onsite or cloud-based backup. It took thousands of dollars and several days to rebuild the system.

How Managed Access Control Works

As Easy as Paying a Monthly Smartphone Bill

The idea behind our Managed Access Control services package is to simplify your life. It’s literally as easy as paying your monthly smartphone bill. You pay for the comprehensive service month-to-month and we oversee hardware and software—making sure you’re always up to date.

With managed access you’ll have a paper trail of who has access to which areas of your buildings. We can assign different access levels, arm and disarm access cards, and schedule when doors lock and unlock throughout your facilities.

Managed Access Control from Wellington Security Systems

And like all of Wellington’s services, we won’t lock you into a long-term contract.

If our managed access control service is not right for you and your organization, walk away.

Ideal Solution for Property Managers
and Companies

Managed Access Control can manage access to dozens of doors

Property managers, in particular, love to outsource access management because it saves them money and the headache of managing a function that distracts them from their core business.

We’ll manage any facility from multiple doors and buildings down to just a single door and one building. As your organization grows or shrinks, our managed access service scales along with it.


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