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How to Secure a Multi-Tenant Building


While managing the security system of a normal business has its challenges, managing the security of a multi-tenant building, or office building, can be even more difficult. Each company may have different hours, visitor policies, shift changes, night cleaning crews, or other needs that can make it more complicated to manage the building’s security. Here are a few things we consider when designing a security system for our multi-tenant customers:


Access Control

Access control allows you to decide who gets access to which doors and when. So you can decide who can get into the building while the doors are locked and then which areas they can access once inside.  With Access Control, you can easily add, remove, and manage employee access quickly, and even search access history. This solution enables the public door to be locked and unlocked on a schedule so you can be confident that all the right doors are locked and secure when they need to be.


Video Intercom

With a video intercom, you get alerts when someone comes to your door and then you have the option to talk to, and even see, your visitors and temporarily unlock the door remotely if you choose, and even has a smartphone app for when you’re away from your desk. This option is great for safely tracking deliveries, communicating with visitors and unlocking a door from afar. Each tenant could then have access to this solution so there wouldn’t have to be a common receptionist for the building.


Video Surveillance

No matter which solution(s) you choose, keeping cameras on your lobby, any entrances or exits, and sensitive areas is always recommended. Cameras in the right areas can help with crime prevention and act as a deterrent. Along with the right access control system, a video surveillance system makes for a more complete and secure security system.


Want to Learn More About Multi-Tenant Security?

For added security measures, you can check out our Physical Security blog. If you would like more guidance in selecting the right option for your office building, give us a call at 612-822-4094 or fill out the form below: