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How to Choose a Visitor Management System


Creating a safe and secure workplace environment for your employees is an important task to take on, and visitor management is a key part of keeping your business secure. But choosing the right visitor management system for your organization can be difficult. While we often recommend Access Control Systems to our customers in order to track and manage visitor and employee traffic, we also understand this option may not be the right solution for your business. Luckily, there are plenty of options to upgrade your visitor management system (VMS) from that paper sign-in sheet at the front desk.


What is visitor management?

A visitor management system is a process that helps an organization keep track of visitors. Pairing the right visitor management system with your security and access control system can make for a more effective and well-rounded security system.


How to choose the best Visitor Management solution

Think about who your visitors are and assess your needs: The way you welcome your visitors determines how your business is perceived. Having a real person greet visitors is always a positive, though isn’t always possible or necessary for every organization. Whether or not you have a receptionist or attendant at your front door is one of the main determining factors in choosing the right VMS for your business.



  • Doorbell: This can be a great low-tech and low-price option that allows you to control who enters your building if you have a vestibule area. However, it does require someone to go check the door, which can be a pain.
  • Doorbell with a release button: This option is the same as the doorbell solution above, but with the addition of the release button you will not have to leave your desk to temporarily unlock the door. This solution works best if you can see whoever is at the door from your desk.
  • Video intercom with a release button: The video intercom is a solution we recommend the most to our customers. This solution is secure and works much like a doorbell, but doesn’t require you to leave your desk to see who is at the door and let them in. With a video intercom, you get alerts when someone comes to your door and then you have the option to talk to your visitors and temporarily unlock the door remotely if you choose, and even has a smartphone app for when you’re away from your desk. This option is great for tracking deliveries, communicating with visitors and unlocking a door from afar.
  • HID Easy Lobby System: This allows visitors to print their own badge at the door, require the visitor to answer a series of questions customized by your requirements, do temperature checks, and can even do an on the spot background search. This system can be a standalone kiosk or used by a receptionist.
  • Telephone entry system: This is a common system you may find in a multi-tenant building such as apartment buildings. These allow each tenant to speak to visitors and unlock the entrance door from their mobile phones or it can notify the tenant via email or text to come down and open the door manually.



No matter which solution(s) you choose, keeping cameras on your lobby, any entrances or exits, and sensitive areas is always recommended.


If you would like more guidance with selecting the best visitor management system for your organization or would like to set up a free security audit, give us a call at 612-822-4094 or fill out the form below.