Code + [2] Away (Arms All)
Code + [3] Stay (Arms Perimeter only)

Code + [1] OFF

Set System Time
Master Code + [#][6][3] + Hours + [*] + Minutes + [*] + [1] to toggle AM/PM + [*] + Month + [*] + Day + [*] + Year + [*]

Check Faulted Zones
Press [*] key. The keypad will scroll through all faulted zones.

Smoke Reset
Smoke Detectors mostly reset automatically with these panels when alarm is silenced at the keypad.
However, you may have to enter Code + [1] OFF again to reset the smokes.
There might be a reset button on some panel boxes to reset smoke detectors.

Code Change
Code + [8] Code + User # + 4 new digits.
Most panels require a 2-digit user number, a few panels have 1-digit user numbers.
Try a 2-digit user number first, if that doesn’t work, use a 1-digit number.
Larger panels require alpha keypads to change codes and will ask questions to complete after the above process is done.

Chime Mode On/Off
Code + [9] Chime.

Bypass Zone(s)
Code + [6] + Zone number(s).
Most panels use 2-digit zone numbers. The very large Vista 100 and Vista 128 panels use 3-digit zone numbers.
Many panels also allow you to Quick Bypass by pressing Code + Bypass + [#]; The panel will bypass zones that are open.

Power Down Panel
Pull one wire on battery in panel then unplug the panel transformer if you know where it is.
It is a beige box plugged into a nearby power outlet. Click here for a picture.
If you can’t find it, then pull one AC wire.
On most panels, this will be terminal 1 on the far left bottom of panel. Some panels vary. Vector panels – AC is terminals 3 & 4.