Radionics 8112

[COMMAND][1] Arms All
[COMMAND][2] Arms Perimeter w/ no delay
[COMMAND][3] Arms with delay


Set System Time
[COMMAND][4][5] + Time + [ENT] + ([ENT] for AM or [NEXT][ENT] for PM) + Date + [ENT]

Check Faulted Zones
If zones are faulted, the alpha keypad will display [NOT READY TO ARM], press any numeric key [0-9] on the keypad to view faulted zones.
The LED Keypad has 8 red lights that will light if zone is faulted.

Smoke Reset
After silencing panel with Code, press [COMMAND][4][7] to reset smoke detectors.

Code Change
[COMMAND][5][5], Old Code, New Code, New code again.
D8112A and D8112E panels, the command is [COMMAND][5].
Most panels are D8112G models that use Command 55.
If you use Command 55, the user code will be a 6 digit number and the first 2 digits must stay the same (they are the user #.)
If you use Command 5, the user code will be a 5 digit number and the first digit must stay the same (it is the user #.)
This function can be disabled in programming, though it usually isn’t.

Chime Mode On/Off
[COMMAND][6] turns on/off the “Watch Mode.”

Force Arm Over Open Zones
If using Code to arm, hold last digit until panel arms over open zones.
If using Command 1,2 or 3; press [COMMAND] and hold down the digit 1,2 or 3 until panel arms over open zones.

Power Down Panel
Pull one wire on battery in panel then unplug the panel transformer if you know where it is.
It is a beige box plugged into a nearby power outlet. Click here for a picture.
If you can’t find it, then disconnect AC power by removing wire on terminal 1, upper left corner of panel.

User Manual