Radionics 7112

Code + [ENT]

Code + [ENT]

Set System Time
[COMMAND][4][5] + Time + [ENT] + ([ENT] for AM or [NEXT][ENT] for PM) + Date + [ENT]

Check Faulted Zones
Press [ENTER]. Press [NEXT] until “View Menu” is displayed. Press [ENTER].
Press [NEXT] until “View faulted Points” is displayed. Press [ENTER].
Press [NEXT] to scroll through faulted points.

Smoke Reset
After resetting fire alarm with [CODE] + [ENTER], press [CMD][4][7] to reset smoke detectors.

Code Change
Keypad displays [ENTER USER NUM]. Enter User number (not user code) + [ENTER]
Keypad displays [ENTER NEW CODE]. Enter new code.
Keypad displays [USER XX ZZZZZZ] (XX-User number, ZZZZZZ-User code). If correct, press [ENTER].
Keypad displays [PASSCODE CHANGED].

Chime Mode On/Off
[COMMAND] [6] (Radionics calls it the “Watch Mode”)

Force Arm Over Bad Zones
Code + [ENT]
Keypad will display [AREA X 01 FAULTS].
Press [NEXT] until keypad displays [FORCE/BYPAS ARM?]
Press [ENTER].

Power Down Panel
Pull one wire on battery in panel then unplug the panel transformer if you know where it is.
It is a beige box plugged into a nearby power outlet. Click here for a picture.
If you can’t find it, then disconnect AC power by removing wire on bottom right terminal

User Manual