Radionics 2000

Press [9] to Arm All
Press [0] to Partial Arm

Enter Code (If you are still in exit time, just press [CLEAR] to disarm.)

Check Faulted Zones
Faulted zones display automatically when faulted.

Smoke Reset
After silencing siren by entering code, press [3] + code to reset smokes.

Code Change
Enter [5], + [Old Code] + [New Code] (same # of digits as old code) + [New Code] again.

Chime Mode On/Off
Press [7], keypad will display current setting.
Enter code + [1] to turn off, [2] to turn on short beep, [3] to beep until CLEAR key is pressed, or [4] to beep until point closes.

Bypass Zone(s)
Press [Zone #] + [*].

Power Down Panel
Pull one wire on battery in panel then unplug the panel transformer if you know where it is.
It is a beige box plugged into a nearby power outlet. Click here for a picture.
If you can’t find it, then disconnect AC power by removing AC wire, upper left corner of panel.