Moose Alpha

Press [LEAVE] or [STAY]. Then enter your CODE.
If you selected [STAY], the keypad will ask you to confirm the interior and delay setting. Press [CONFIRM].
Press [DISARM] and enter CODE.
Check Faulted Zones
If keypad says [ZONE(S) NOT READY], press [DISPLAY] to view faulted zones.
Smoke Reset
Enter CODE to silence alarm.
If a smoke detector is latched in alarm, the keypad will say [SUPERVISORY/TROUBLE].
You can press the scroll key to verify the trouble condition(s).
Press [SMOKE RESET] and then your CODE.
Code Change
Press Menu Scroll Key 3 times.
Press [PROGRAM].
Enter Master Programming Code.
Press Function Number (01 through 17 for the user number).
Press [FIND] when prompted, display will show first digit of this users code.
Enter each digit of desired new code.
Codes must be 5 digits in length. Add zeroes at end to shorten (code 345 would be entered 34500.)
Chime Mode On/Off
Press Menu Scroll Key twice. Press [DAY MONITOR]. Enter CODE.
Force Arm Over Bad Zones
If enabled, keypad will give [LEAVE] and [STAY] options when displaying [ZONE(S) NOT READY].
Press [LEAVE] or [STAY].
Either [BYPASS] or [OVERRIDE] will display, select this option.
If more than one zone is faulted, scroll through faulted zones and bypass or override.
Power Down Panel
Open panel door. Slide power switch down (black switch located lower left corner of circuit board.)
User Manual