Ademco 5600

Code + [2] Away (Arms All)
Code + [3] Home (Arms Perimeter only)
Code + [1] Off
Check Faulted Zones
Press [*] Ready key. Window in upper right corner will scroll faulted zones.
Smoke Reset
Smoke detectors are wireless and will reset automatically. All you have to do after a fire alarm is enter Code + [1] Off to silence the alarm.
Change code
This panel holds 2 codes; a Master Code and a Secondary Code.
The Master Code can only be programmed by an installer.
The secondary code can be added by using the Master code.
Add or Change Secondary Code:
Enter Master Code + [8] Code + 4 digits.
Delete Secondary Code:
Enter Master Code + [8] Code + Master Code again.
Chime Mode On/Off
Code + [9] Chime to toggle on or off.
Bypass Zone(s)
Code + [2] Away + [6] Bypass.
Code + [3] Home + [6] Bypass.
Power down panel
Pull one wire on battery in panel then unplug the panel transformer if you know where it is.
It is a beige box plugged into a nearby power outlet. Click here for a picture.
If you can’t find it, then disconnect AC power by removing wire on terminal 1, bottom left side of panel.
User Manual
If you aren’t sure which model you have, don’t worry; They are practically identical.