Security and fire systems for General Contractors

Wellington Security Systems has had close partnerships with the region’s largest general contractors for years. Contractors serving both residential and business  turn to us for our project management expertise and “get-it-done” attitude. We work alongside you to make sure the system is installed according to your specifications, on time, code compliant and within budget.Wellington security systems for contractors

Certified Design and Engineering teams

We have more than 30 years experience working with state and local authorities. Wellington’s design and engineering team will work with your architect, electrical engineer, sprinkler, elevator and AHJ to get the job done correctly. From CAD design and layout to plan submittal and on-site acceptance test, Wellington Security’s experienced team helps you acquire your Certificate of Occupancy quickly and efficiently.

  • "Whenever I call for service Tim makes sure he has a tech on site when we need them. They go the extra mile to keep us secure."
    Obie Brown, Synovis/Baxter

Guard Against Copper Theft

Unfortunately, copper theft  still plagues construction sites.  Thieves usually strike at night under the cover of darkness.  Fortunately for the good guys, we now have an inexpensive solution that will provide 24/7 surveillance even for the most remote locations. And it doesn’t even need AC power! Wireless security cameras like Videofied systems are relatively inexpensive and easy-to-install. Our Videofied system comes in a camera and motion detector kit.Wireless cameras—Wellington Security Systems

Curb copper theft with Wellington Security battery-powered cameras


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