Keeping your plate clean

We haven’t met a facilities manager yet who doesn’t have a full plate. When it comes to your fire and security systems our top goal is to simplify your life.

We start with eliminating unnecessary paperwork by getting rid of long-term contracts. You’re not locked into proprietary hardware and service agreements that hamstring your every move.

Don’t like us? Walk away … but we don’t think you will.

Instead of unnecessary paperwork, our focus is on delivering exceptional business security and fire systems.

 Saddled with outdated hardware?

Facilities managers are often saddled with legacy alarm and security systems. We’ll bring you into the 21st century with the integration of smartphone and tablet applications if you have a need for them. We’ll keep you up-do-date so you’re never out of touch.

Wellington security systems; smartphone and tablet applications

  • "Wellington Security is a pleasure to work with. Their people are responsive, respectful and honest."
    Obie Brown, Synovis/Baxter

Parking lots to maintain?

You have an offsite parking lot that may or not be snow-covered. Wouldn’t it be great to know if it needs plowing without driving over to check?
Wellington "snow-plow cam" for checking parking lotsInstall one of our remote “snow-cams” and you’ll always know if your lots need to be plowed.



Facilities Managers Trust Us

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