Access Control For Any Size Organization

Managed Access Control--WellingtonDo you know how many keys you have in circulation amongst all your employees? Do you know who’s been entering and exiting your building day or night? If you lose a key can you get a replacement immediately? Do you know about the employee who leaves the building every night via the shipping dock?

If you’re a restaurant owner with six employees, or a midsize business with 50 employees, you need an access control system to monitor your facilities and keep track of who’s coming and going.

An access control system—or keyless entry—for your building or buildings can start with a simple card reader and keypad attached to a few doors to a more robust system in a commercial office building. New technology and pervasive internet access have made it more cost effective to use access control options that were previously only available to companies with deep pockets.

Why access control is a good thing

Access control from Wellington Security

  • Keeps your employees safe
  • Makes it easy for visitors and vendors
  • Frees up your time to focus on the business
  • Gives you the ability to restrict access when necessary
  • Gives you the ability to lock-down your facility instantaneously

Access control in 3 flavors

At Wellington Security Systems we offer three distinctive levels of access control services:

  • Traditional access control—We install devices on all your doors plus set up a local PC and software for you to manage the system yourself.
  • Hosted access control—We install devices on all your doors and you manage and control your system through an easy-to-use web application (hosted) you access from your computer, laptop, tablet device or smartphone.
  • Managed access control—We install devices on all your doors and manage the entire system for you 24 x 7. We manage the hardware, software, upgrades, credentials, everything.