6 Ways Companies Benefit From Managed Access Control Systems

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One of our customers—a large health care facility in the Twin Cities—had a PC’s hard drive crash that housed the organization’s access database. A hard drive crash is never good news, but for this organization it was mission critical. The database stored door access permissions for hundreds of employees and during the mishap, staff were locked out of rooms.

Had the customer’s access database been backed up on a server (in the cloud), we could have quickly restored access permissions and had them up and running within minutes. And that’s the main benefit of having  managed access control. Instead, it took expensive hours to rebuild the database and get the customer back online.

Some security companies—like Wellington Security Systems—offer managed access control services to customers through a pay-per-month model. Think of it like paying any utility bill—gas or electricity. Do you generate your home electricity with your own generator? The security company oversees your hardware and software, makes updates and performs any needed maintenance. If you have a problem on site, you call them!

Managed access control also gives you the ability to keep a personal history on which employees are accessing which rooms, in case you ever have to investigate any incidents. Your employees typically enter rooms through access cards, key fobs or sensors they can stick to the back of a smartphone.

It used to be cost prohibitive for small businesses to use a managed access service. But with new technology even small businesses like restaurants and bars can easily afford managed access control. In fact, you already may have the right equipment and technology to make this transition seamless.

What businesses are right for managed access control?

Health care facilitates—with HIPPA policies and data privacy concerns—are natural candidates for managed access control systems.

Small businesses with just a few doors and a handful of employees can benefit from employing managed access control. Many owners would rather spend their time working on the business—not in the business.

Commercial office buildings that serve multiple tenants and employees coming and going constantly, can benefit from the security of managed access control.

Small to large shopping malls (including outlet malls) with as few as five stores can benefit from managed access control.

Banks, warehouses and government buildings are all candidates for managed access control.

Finally, here are those 6 ways companies benefit from managed access control systems

  1. Eliminates dedicated IT and security systems support—resulting in savings.
  2. Eliminates investing in expensive hardware and software.
  3. Security companies handle all hardware, software and firmware updates.
  4. The security company keeps your access systems backed up off-site and in the cloud.
  5. The security company can add, delete and modify your employee access around-the-clock.
  6. You’ll have more peace-of-mind knowing your facility’s access is managed by professional.

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